Fifteen years ago, as we just entered the mainstream internet age, using a cheque book and visiting a bank was still a regular duty in any business. Nowadays, what is a cheque book? Technology and innovation are solidly accelerating and the spin off effect is that businesses are able to become so much more efficient, productive and profitable because of it. I could talk till the cows come home about how cloud computing is the best thing since sliced bread, and speaking of cows, they are going to be the focus of this blog.

Cloud computing is the ability to use applications on an internet browser, like Chrome or Firefox, as opposed to using it on your desktop. In the past, you would insert a CD and install an application on your computer, usually limiting use of that software on that particular computer which would most likely come at a high upfront cost. With cloud computing, it operates via the internet so you simply need any device (like a macbook or iPhone) and an internet connection. In most cases, subscriptions are offered on a monthly basis meaning no big upfront cost, no upgrades or backups to perform and access to new applications can take seconds! So why do I keep encountering business after business that are not fully embracing these tools?

So…back to the cows. I read an article earlier this week about how large scale cattle properties in Queensland are turning to digital technologies to help them look after their herds. A new app called iHerd allows a farmer to track and monitor mobs of cattle as they move around the farm. As cattle come to drink at a water trough, they walk across a set of weigh scales, and using sophisticated walk-over-weighing technology, their weight and electronic ID are recorded…And this is only the start of the innovation they have planned.

I believe that in business, if you are not constantly innovating, then you are slowly dying. There is a theory called the Diffusion of Innovations and it seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures. When charted, the graph looks like a bell curve (below) and you can see that once it gains traction, it sharply accelerates upwards, meaning more and more people are jumping on board and it is starting to really be accepted with society. This is where cloud computing is at now.


For us, it all started with Xero, which is cloud accounting software. All of our business clients use this platform and it has absolutely revolutionised the accounting/bookkeeping functions in small-medium businesses. This streamlines the bookkeeping and tax part of your business, allowing us to focus on more important things like growing your business. Over the years I have found that business owners spend way too many hours trying to do their own bookkeeping or stressing about tax and BAS lodgement, when this time and energy could be better spent working on the business, at home with your family or perhaps a holiday? If you love spending your time struggling to do your books then keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll hate Xero, but for everyone else, here’s a little video:

If you are curious to find out how Xero can help you, just leave your comment below or contact us directly.

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Virtual CFO @ BJT Financial Services. I specialise in working with small businesses to improve their condition through what I have found to be 8 key areas because I believe a small business should reward you richly in time and money.

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