Preparing and lodging tax returns is a given, but this is simply a process and does little to reduce tax. An annual Tax Planning session takes into account your financial performance but also a number of possible metrics and scenarios available to reduce or defer your obligations.

Learn the steps we take and strategies we use to minimise or defer your tax obligations including examples and case studies.

As your business grows, your compliance quickly become overwhelming so it pays ten fold to have a tax strategy in place. We use proven strategies and planning to minimise each year.

So click the below video to watch our tax planning online event for 2016:



In this webinar:

  • Tax Planning v Tax Lodgement v Bookkeeping
  • The Importance of Timing
  • Tax Minimisation & Tax Deferral
  • Tax Implications of Different Structures (i.e. companies, trusts, super funds)
  • Who Should Do Tax Planning?
  • Examples/Case Studies

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