Business Growth


Every business owner has an accountant but few have a growth advisory expert. We bring years of business know-how and the skills of what works to help you build an exceptional business

Growing Your Business

Many clients come onboard seeking help with business growth because their current accountant only does tax, is reactive and slow to move or they’ve come from a larger accounting firm wanting to work with a faster moving more innovative firm. We hear quite often that just having us as an expert sounding board for ideas and strategies is reassuring to our business clients. This is how we would want an accountant to work with us.

Cashflow Improvement

Cash is the lifeblood of every private business and optimising for strong cashflows and being strategic with where cash is being invested is both key to running a great business but critical for business growth. This starts with understanding what future cash flows look like, where you want to take your business, identifying cash bottlenecks and wastage and then implementing improvement strategies.

Outsourced CFO

One of the biggest roadblocks for a small business is a lack of financial insights and management to aid decisions. This stalls growth and creates problem. Introducing the Outsourced CFO. A way to access the smarts of a CFO on a regular basis usually reserved for big business. This may be the key to helping you achieve your ambitious goals.

Business Acquisitions

There are many risks involved in buying and investing in private businesses and it is important you undertake thorough due diligence to identify, consider and manage the transaction risks. We can partner with you to provide due diligence services to help you identify and manage transaction risks. We will also work closely with your legal advisers to provide transaction advisory support and promptly deal with issues if they arise.

Sale Of Business

When you decide to sell all or part of your business, it is key to involve experienced professionals to assist in the planning and execution of a strategy to maximise your returns, gain clarity on timeframes and mitigate risks. We can help you undertake the value of your business, the structure of a transaction, preparing and running a data room for potential buyers and their associates, negotiating price and terms of a deal and working closely with brokers and legal representatives.

Annual Business Planning

Success is about planning; we want to help you achieve success. Together we will spend a day reviewing your past performance and clarifying future direction. You will set solid and realistic business goals and define strategies for achievement. The outcome will be CLARITY on what you need to go and action to bring your plan to life.

Organisational Structure

In order for a business to run effectively and efficiently there needs to be a clear Organisation Chart which visually defines departments, functions, roles and responsibilities. If you find yourself wearing too many hats, lack clarity within departments and unsure the structure required for future growth, an Organisational Review will give you clarity.

When I first started BJT Financial I took part in a planning session then commenced regular coaching and accountability. I have since continued to meet with coaches, seek advice from experts and undertake regular planning hosted by external facilitators. I would never have achieved what we have to date without this investment. I love providing these services to growing businesses, even those hesitant at first, as I personally know the outcomes that will come from it.

Brad TurvilleDirector, Business Growth

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