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You need someone with a deep expertise in providing outstanding taxation services and guiding you on what you need to know and how to get your tax affairs in order.

Expert Tax Advice

As your business grows, the tax obligations quickly become overwhelming so it pays ten fold to have an expert team guiding you. The Australian tax system is very complex, especially as your business and financial needs grow and we all have ongoing lodgement requirements and a need for expert tax advice.

Our annual Tax Planning sessions takes into account your financial performance but also a number of possible metrics and scenarios available to reduce or defer your tax obligations, commonly yielding fantastic outcomes for our clients.

Tax Minimisation

We use proven tax strategies in our annual tax planning exercise to minimise and defer tax and provide an estimate of tax payable so you can adequately put cash reserves aside.

Tax Lodgements

Every business needs to prepare and lodge income tax returns and non-direct tax lodgements (such as GST, FBT, PAYG etc.) We ensure these are correctly prepared and lodged within the due dates.

Tax Advice

Business owners regularly need specific tax advice around transactions to ensure it is structured and executed correctly. We provide detailed taxation research and advice including ATO private rulings.


Understanding how to financially manage a business and preparing financial reports are a given for every business. We ensure your financial reports meet the required standards and we consult on financial management best practice.

Legal structures

Establishing, maintaining and optimising your legal structures (i.e. companies, trusts, partnership etc.) ensure your assets are protected and you can utilise many additional tax strategies. We can assist with structure advice and the setup.

Business Purchase

& Sale

Careful and expert due diligence is required in the buy and sale process of a business to minimise risk. We can assist in valuations, due diligence, information memorandums and advice to help you through this process.

The BJT team have taken our very small uncomplicated businesses that carried some big tax bills and swimming losses and helped us into a much more complicated but understandable set of structures that we manage together, with ease, turning our losses into useable deductions in our entities. They've taken our “messy books” and streamlined them; making tax time easy for us too.

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