The catalyst for this change was at a business & marketing masterclass I attended in Sydney a few years ago. I was at this 5 day intensive and on one of the nights, our homework was to write and publish an ebook on Amazon before rolling up the next morning.

So I met this bloke Josh Smith on the first day and we decided to work together writing our ebook’s into the wee hours of the morning. He was championing ahead on his Mac and my laptop was overheating, it had this super loud fan that kept cutting in and out, it was hot to rest my hands on and the battery only lasted about an hour…Josh didn’t have to plug his Mac into any power all night. WTF!?

Not long after I purchased this Apple Macbook 13″ Retina on 25 August 2013:

Brad Turville apple macbook pro

My first Macbook Pro 25 August 2013


It’s funny because before moving to Apple, a tech guru and close friend of mine who was very much a PC advocate and was my go-to guy for help with anything IT so it was easier to stay with PC. But I quickly realised that our views on technology were no longer aligned. Plus, all the great entrepreneurs I was working with or researching were massive Apple fans.

Enough was enough, I made the change and almost 2 years down, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made from an efficiency point of view. I am even writing this post on the same Macbook. That makes me happy. So does the feature image which is of my 27″ iMac which sits in the office on my desk.

Like many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, I also love the Steve Jobs and Apple story and the whole ‘disrupting the status quo’ mantra.

After watching an amazing doco on 3D printers, perhaps that’ll be my next best move?

Brad Turville

Brad Turville

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