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Brad TurvilleDirector | Business Growth

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Expert Financial Management is mission critical to the survival and growth of any business.

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Erika WagerDirector - Nu-line Sales & Marketing

I had one million things in my head at any one time. I love the clarity of having the Business Plan on one page, with the actions on what to now go and do for the next 90 days. Also clarity on different departments in the organisation.

Prince SeevaDirector - Indesigns

This is the most amount of time spent on the business in the last 3 years which was immensely useful and insightful. Three things of value: 1. Focussed changes on drivers of Profit 2. Distinction on Better Decision Making 3. Open Table Discussion of Business Plan.

Kevin EkendahlManaging Director, Audit Express

Having Brad as our VCFO has ensured we keep up to date with our tax/business obligations and also provided us with great advice to grow our business. Initially this all relied on the business owners to do but now we have a bit of accountability and the quarterly CFO meetings ensure we work on the future planning of our business.

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